Gas Identification unit
Drawn cabinet

The concept of the Gas Identification Unit

This unit has been developed by Air Liquide to simplify the GMP compliance process regarding the identification of incoming materials. The European Union (EU) GMP guidelines specify in Volume 4 / Part 1 / Chapter 5 that:

"All incoming materials should be checked to ensure that the consignment corresponds to the order" and that "there should be appropriate procedures or measures to assure the identity of the contents of each container."

Cas Identification cabinet

How does this innovative system work?

The identification procedure is very fast and very simple. First, connect the gas to be identified to the unit with the flexible hose. Any type of gas container from cylinders to bulk trailers are possible. Then, select the gas to be identified on the touch screen. Some additional information like batch number, user reference, … can be entered. Those will be reported in the identification protocol. 

One push of the start button is all it takes to initiate the 5-minute identification procedure. Once completed, the result “Identity OK” or “Identity not OK” is simply displayed on the screen, and an identification report is generated. The electronic identification report is available in pdf format for direct printing and/or transfer to a laptop.

Gas identification unit

What are the advantages?

  • Suitable for process gases used in the pharma industry (e.g. N2, O2, CO2)
  • Only one device for all gases
  • Short measurement time (~ 5 min)
  • User-friendly, no need for a highly qualified operator
  • No safety risk since no intermediate sampling from the trailer or from the cylinders needed
  • No calibration needed
  • Report generated and transferable to printer / laptop
  • GMP compliant operation
  • Easy, simple and cost-saving solution to comply with the GMP identification testing requirement


Gas identification unit

What does it cost?

Gas ID Unit is provided by Air Liquide in form of a service rental fee. Far reaching savings in both time and money depending on your current set-up. 

  • Safety first - no sampling, no handling on truck
  • GMP compliant - required GMP procedures are met, no need for high qualified personnel
  • Save time - no waiting for complex analytics results, no sampling container preparation
  • Save money - no investment, no operating cost, no truck waiting cost, no analytical laboratory rooms needed

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